MobileSheets for Windows

Reading music off of tablets and computers is becoming more and more commonly accepted in the professional music community due to its unrivaled speed and efficiency. MobileSheets is a leading sheet music reader software that frees musicians from having to lug around books and binders and gives the ability to access any score in your library in seconds. MobileSheets recently released a version of their software for Windows 10 Devices that comes with the amazing features of the Android version with a few notable differences.

Powerful Features

MobileSheets for Windows 10 includes the powerful features that users love such as the ability to annotate your music, play audio tracks in your score, use a metronome, transpose chords and turn pages hands-free with our AirTurn devices. Some major strong points of MobileSheets have always been the library organization and management features that now users on Windows 10 devices with huge collections of scores are able to utilize. Some of the differences of MobileSheets for Windows 10 include the metro theme being consistent for most of the components, MIDI devices having to be selected using the settings screen, and all files having to live in the MobileSheets storage location, or subdirectories of that folder.

Vast Compatibility

The Windows 10 version is compatible/interoperable with the Android version, so musicians in a band or orchestra can choose whichever device they prefer. Users who have both an Android and Windows 10 device can mirror their library on each to share within a group. You are also able to use any Windows 10 device (laptop, PC, phone, tablet, etc), so you can manage your library on one device, like a tablet, but use your laptop, or a different device, for performing.

Great User Experience

Customers seem to be very happy with the app overall. MusicSheets for Windows has an average rating of 4.3/5 on the Microsoft Store, and the feedback is largely very positive. A fairly large percentage of the Windows 10 users are also Android users, so one important feature that is going to be introduced soon is the ability to easily synchronize their library across their devices so that it's easy for them to manage their library on both devices and keep them in sync.

With all of its convenient features and compatibility, MobileSheets for Windows is a great addition to any musician's arsenal. There isn't another app for Windows for managing scores that has all the same features as MobileSheets. It’s available now on the Microsoft Store.