Zachary Carrettín and Mina Gajić perform Sonatina for violin and piano in D Major, D. 384 by Franz Schubert.

The classical music world goes hand in hand with paper sheet music to the point of tradition. That tradition is rapidly going digital and AirTurn Bluetooth Pedals make the transition even easier. Musicians who have made the jump lament the days they hauled a briefcase full of scores around and went running to the printer anytime they needed to share music or annotations with colleagues. Now they walk into a gig with a pedal and tablet, freeing up their hands from touching scores and allowing them to keep their mind on the music. Sharing music and notes is as easy as sending an email, not to mention saving all that paper!

Our friends at the Boulder Bach Festival are into the 2020 season with more events coming. Main season concerts are being held at eTown Hall in Boulder, CO. Event information can be found here:

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Zachary and Mina use AirTurn Bluetooth Pedals to effortlessly navigate their music while keeping their hands and focus on the instrument. See them in action below: