Updating the Homepage

To update the homepage and most of the items listed below, go to Entries > Pages > Homepage.

Updating the Hero Carousel

To update the carousel, make sure you start by going to Entries > Pages > Homepage. To add a slide, scroll down to the bottom of the Carousel section and click the button "+ Slide". Each slide should be given a Title, Background Image, and a Link.

To remove or disable a slide, click on the little gear in the top corner of the slide you want hidden, and select your preferred removal method.

Updating the text below the Carousel

The text with the gray background below the hero can be adjusted in the Body section. It is recommended that you keep this text fairly short to be consistent with the design and simple messaging.

Customer Testimonials

Testimonials are being pulled automatically from a different section so they can be repurposed elsewhere in the website if/when needed. These can be edited, added, removed, or re-ordered by going to Entries > Testimonials.

Featured News

You can select the Featured News item on the bottom of the homepage admin. It is highly recommended you select an article that has a large primary image, otherwise panel may look off balance.

Featured Products

The Featured Products module is shared with the products pages, so this is controlled in the Globals section of the dashboard. You can add, remove, and rearrange the Featured Products in Globals > Featured.