Updating the Header Text

To update the text on the top bar of the screen, please go to Globals > Header Message. In this section, you can have 1 or 2 messages that will display on the top of the screen. Be sure to keep this text short and to the point or it will take up too much vertical space on smaller browsers.

Updating the Navigation

You are able to modify the top navigation at any time. The list of Products will automatically pull from the AirTurn Shopify Collections. You can individually select which collection can be whitelisted or blacklisted-- which allows you to hide or enable a Collection from both the navigation and search.

And as for other items on the navigation, they can be controlled in Entries > Pages. You can add, remove, disable, rearrange pages here.

Updating the Footer

In the footer, the list of links are autodisplayed the same way the header navigation pulls items. These menu items are a mirror of the header menu. Right now, the contact information and MailChimp signup are hard-coded. If any changes need to be made with those, please contact the developers.

Please note you can add or change the social media links in the footer by going to Globals > Social Links section.