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Stage Traxx


Stage Traxx is a streamlined music player for the gigging musician.

Don‘t fiddle with tiny user interfaces, don‘t worry about having to stop playback after each song or accidentally jump to another song. Stage Traxx has a user interface that ensures that you don‘t need to worry about your playback. Once playback is running, all actions that might disturb playback are disabled. During playback you can preselect the next song you want to play. Once the current song has finished, Stage Traxx will jump to your preselected song and wait for you to start the playback. You can mark songs as continuous. In that case playback will continue with the next selected song. You can create playlists in Stage Traxx and add songs from your iTunes library. It will display embedded lyrics or comments with a large and easy to read font. An autoscrolling mode for the lyrics ensures that you don‘t need to interact with Stage Traxx during playback. Enhance the hands free experience by connecting bluetooth pedals to your iPad. Stage Traxx detects bluetooth pedals and uses them to control playback and lyrics scrolling or the preselection of the next song to play.

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