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Spartito is an app for scrolling Music Sheets while you play. You can control scrolling automatically by assigning a Page Play Time to each Music Sheet Page. You can also control how fast Spartito scrolls from page to page.

You can also control scrolling using an AirTurn PED Pedal or AirTurn BT Pedal.

You add Music Sheets to the App. A Music Sheet is a piece of music... a Title and Composer. You then add Pages to that Music Sheet. Page details include a Page #, Page Play Time, Page Name, and a Page Image.

A Page Image is a PNG image file. You email PNG or JPG Image files (one image file per page of music) to your device and save those images to your photo library. Spartito accesses the photo library and you select a PNG or JPG image for the Page you're adding.

A lot of music is available in PDF format. Spartito does not use PDF files. There are many web services available which convert PDF and JPG to PNG. Please search for and use one of these services.

Once Music Sheets and Pages have been added, the Music Sheet can be "played"... the sheets scroll upward allowing you to continue playing without you having to interact with your device.

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