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SongRepertoire helps the musician to manage music sheets, playbacks and set lists. At home, in your rehearsal room or live on stage.

Use the integrated chord file editor or add an external file (pdf, jpg, …) . Or use the camera of your device to take pictures of printed music sheets.

By using the own chord format of SongRepertoire (similar to ChordPro) you can transpose the songs easily. If your device supports a pen you can use it to add annotations to files or to write tabs or music sheets based on prepared empty templates.
You can add existing mp3 files to your songs or add recordings directly in SongRepertoire.

Definable hotkeys that are mapped to the pedals allows you to use any AirTurn devices with the app. You can use them to navigate through your set-lists or within the music sheets or to control the audio playback.

To arrange your set lists you can manage multiple playlists and add, reorder or remove songs from them. If you have a OneDrive account you can upload your songs into the cloud. When you use SongRepertoire on multiple devices with the same account you can easily share your songs. You can also export songs or playlists and import them on other SongRepertoire installations or share them with your band mates.

It is also possible to export your music sheets to pdf, as well as recorded audio as mp3.

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