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Camtronome is an advanced metronome with recording feature, designed for live performance, band rehearsal or personal practice to play live music with ease. It saves inventory space - just take your phone on stage or rehearsal and have great metronome and camera in one device to focus on playing music.

Key features:

- create metronomes with tempo, time signature or rhythm changes over time
- audio prompter feature that reminds you when eg. song chorus, verse, guitar solo begins while metronome is playing
- music audio files (wav, mp3, etc.) import option to your playlists
- playback speed modifier - slow down or speed up playback of any song to practice it
- record your performance, practice or rehearsal while metronome is playing
- practice mode that allows you to make metronome speed up / slow down after X seconds / beats, mute random notes or mute whole bars
- 47 selectable metronome sounds
- playlists (metronomes and music audio files) cloud backup support
- white or black color theme

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iOS, Android

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