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This is an app for musicians on stage! Now you can avoid music stands, light and all the binders and papers on stage.

Imagine being able to have all your songs in one place!

Scan your lyrics directly into your iPad or upload them from your computer or do all your text and chords in the built-in text editor.

Prepare all your sets for the evening and with a simple tap on your iPad or the Airturn foot controller, change page to the next song.

Send requests with bluetooth for the next song to the other band members.

You can print set-lists and texts to a WiFi printer.

All your notes, texts, scores, chords, TAB's, mp3,s and manuscripts can be done from your desktop computer and then be uploaded to your iPad.

Imagine being able, without the internet's help, to perform or rehearsal a song with your lyrics or music, and if you want, playing your music from the built-in MP3 player wherever you are.

Instead of using binders and papers, this program is a smarter, faster, easier way to handle your notes and lyrics on stage.

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All My Songs

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