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iPad 3 and PED only: Please do not upgrade to iOS9 until further notice.  We have received a few reports of Bluetooth SMART connection problems with the PED after upgrading to iOS9.  We strongly suggest that AirTurn users postpone this upgrade until the Bluetooth SMART bug has been resolved.  All other iOS devices seem to work properly with all pedals. BT106  and BT105 still operate with iPAD 3 and the upgrade.

This has been reported to Apple development and Bluetooth teams and we have heard no response.

We will post back here when we hear anything.



Android Users: Samsung has released a new update to address the 5.0.2 Bluetooth bug. To find this update, go to "Settings" then "About Device" and "Software Update" to check for a new update.  This update should resolve all AirTurn pedal issues caused by the 5.0.2 bug.  


Android Users in Europe may not have the update available yet -- please do not update to 5.0.2.