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For those who need to make presentations on the road, Keynote for iPad has been a blessing. Apple has done a tremendous job of streamlining the process of putting presentations together in the iPad version, while maintaining most of the vital functions of the desktop version of Keynote. While the app provides the user with the ability to create easily, the delivery of the presentation has been finger-centric at best.

Cory Riback is a clown performer who uses robot puppets to teach children about STEM - Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math. Cory was looking for a way to remotely trigger movements and audio clips for his robots without the use of a handheld device. That's when he discovered AirTurn.

 A trip to the great outdoors, a fun day on the slopes, traveling to iconic landmarks; you want to capture a picture of you in front of that magnificent scenery but there's no one around to hold your camera phone.  Sound familiar?  You could hold the camera phone up and take a selfie but it's hard to capture enough of the background if you're limited to the length of your arms.  Here are some quick fixes for taking better scenic photos on your own: