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A simple way to add visual effects to a live musical performance is to use a presentation program like PowerPoint. With PowerPoint, you can not only embed images into slides, but you can also trigger video clips and animate embedded images in a variety of ways. And with wireless pedal controllers like the AirTurn BT-105, you can synchronize the desired visual effects perfectly with your feet while keeping your hands free to play your instrument.

For those who need to make presentations on the road, Keynote for iPad has been a blessing. Apple has done a tremendous job of streamlining the process of putting presentations together in the iPad version, while maintaining most of the vital functions of the desktop version of Keynote. While the app provides the user with the ability to create easily, the delivery of the presentation has been finger-centric at best.

You may not have a natural gift for making great speeches, but you can still use of one of the best tools for drastically improving the quality of your speeches: the Teleprompter.