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Washington Post: iPad 2 pushes sheet music, and page turners, off the stage

January 20, 2012 Reviews Super User
While the author’s title suggests that the article is all about the iPad itself making revolutionary waves in the field of classical music, in reality it’s the apps and tools that work along with the iPad, namely the ForScore app and AirTurn’s BT-105…

Latest News

April 10, 2014

New Small Frame Adapter for the Manos Mount

in In the News by Super User
Introducing the AirTurn Manos Mount with the new small frame adapter. The AirTurn Manos Mount is modeled after the human hand and designed to hold the widest variety of devices, from smartphones to tablets up to 8.5 inches wide. And now, with the new small…
Manos Mount at Macworld 2014
Apr 02, 2014 66

Manos Mount demonstration at Macworld 2014

Sander Feinberg posts a video of AirTurn VP and Co-Founder Hugh Sung demonstrating the…
SoundTree Logo
Dec 06, 2013 178

"From Paper to Pixels" Free Webinar

Session dates: Monday, December 9, 2013 Starting time: 7:00 pm, Eastern Standard Time…
Nov 22, 2013 657

Manos Mount Pre-Orders

How do you hold an iPad? How do you hold a Mini? How do you hold an Android?If you're…
Aug 27, 2013 636

10 Ways An AirTurn Will Change Your Life

For musicians who are sick of the hassle of carrying bulky binders or dealing with the…
Aug 27, 2013 535

#10: Control instrument and amp effects

An iPad can replace hundreds of pounds of sheet music. But did you know that an iPad or…


#1 problem with digital sheet music

The Number 1 Problem with Digital Sheet Music

May 06, 2014 Newsletters Super User
What's the #1 problem with digital sheet music? Learn what it is, and how a tablet and an app provide fantastic solutions. Link to newsletter

BT-105 2-Pedal Reviews

Macworld:Expo Notes: Making the Mac (and iPad and iPhone) more musical

March 29, 2014 BT-105 2PB Reviews Young Che
While at the MacWorld Expo, writer James Galbraith highlights some companies who are working to add some musicality to Macs. One in particular that was noteworthy is AirTurn, makers of the hands-free, wireless, page-turning foot-pedal, the BT-105. AirTurn is…

Manos Mount Reviews

88 pianokeys:My New Favorite iPad Accessory: Manos Mount

April 23, 2014 Manos Mount Reviews Young Che
Read the following article as blogger Leila Viss sings the praises of AirTurn’s universal tablet holder, the Manos Mount. Its versatility is evidenced by its ability to securely hold almost any tablet device in any angle and/or position for any situation,…

BT-105 4-Pedal Reviews

Guitar Connection Magazine: AirTurn Wireless Controller Review

March 19, 2014 BT-105 4PB Reviews Young Che
Reviewer Kyle Ragan of Guitar Connection Magazine has wonderful things to say about AirTurn’s page-turning device, namely the 4-pedal, BT-105. Watch this video assessment as he also demos the product, using the extra pedals to control various features of…

From Paper to Pixels Reviews

From Paper to Pixels

Review of "From Paper to Pixels" by Technology in Music Education

August 01, 2013 From Paper to Pixels Reviews Super User
Dr. Christopher Russell, author of the Technology in Music Education blog, has written a thorough review of "From Paper to Pixels". Dr. Russell's blog is a fantastic resource for music educators looking to adopt the latest digital technologies in their…

DIGIT II Reviews

TechnologyTell: Macworld / iWorld quick hits: Digit 2 from AirTurn

March 29, 2014 DIGIT II Reviews Super User
David Temple from TechnologyTell introduces the AirTurn DIGIT II, a small remote controller about the size of a key fob which gives you the ability to control page turns and Keynote presentations, first seen at the 2014 Macworld/iWorld Convention.…

DIGIT Reviews

Music Teachers Helper Blog; AirTurn

December 22, 2013 DIGIT Reviews Super User
Author Yiyi Ku tells the story of a piccoloist’s experience with her first AirTurn page-turning pedal device. From the purchase of the pedal device (AirTurn DIGIT), then the set up with the iPad, to a practice and then performances, get a feel for what you…