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If you're a performer who works with backing tracks for sound effects or musical accompaniment you'll be glad to know that there are better options than remembering to push the "play" button on your CD player at just the right moment.  Here is a list of 7 iOS and Android backing track/audio player apps that you can control remotely either hands-free or with a small handheld controller.

Picture this: the party is in full swing and you have your iPhone/iPod Touch or iPad hooked up to your favorite speaker system on the other side of the room. The volume is too loud, or you want to change tracks to a different song, but you really don't want to leave that fascinating conversation on the adolescent psychoanalysis of superhero origins. What's a gracious host to do?

 A trip to the great outdoors, a fun day on the slopes, traveling to iconic landmarks; you want to capture a picture of you in front of that magnificent scenery but there's no one around to hold your camera phone.  Sound familiar?  You could hold the camera phone up and take a selfie but it's hard to capture enough of the background if you're limited to the length of your arms.  Here are some quick fixes for taking better scenic photos on your own: