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goSTAND Telescoping Mic Boom 



Product Description

If you’re a traveling musician or performer, or simply have to take your mic stand to the garage down the street, carrying a mic stand has always been an awkward task. Now with the goSTAND you throw it in your backpack and don't think about it. The goSTAND telescoping mic boom can be mounted using a standard 5/8-27 mic thread and is the perfect companion to the goSTAND portable mic stand.

• Less than 16” (407mm) when fully collapsed--fits in most back packs and carry-ons.

• 27.5” (704mm) fully extended weighs 1.3 lbs (.55kg).

• Steel tubing provides the weight to keep attached objects steady.

• Standard 5/8-27 mic thread fitting on top with locking nut.

• Works with all AirTurn mounting systems