AirTurn Bluetooth Pedals work with all tablets and computers that support Bluetooth keyboards.  For basic page turns and simple media triggers, choose a 2-pedal AirTurn.  For extended controls like setlist navigation and multi-effects control, choose a 4-pedal AirTurn.  For dual handheld and foot-pedal controls, check out the AirTurn models with the removable DIGIT controllers.

What is Bluetooth?

Bluetooth is a wireless technology that lets devices connect to computers easily and securely.  No Wi-Fi is needed to operate a Bluetooth AirTurn pedal - the AirTurn communicates directly with its host tablet or computer.  


2-Pedal AirTurn

4-Pedal AirTurn

2-Pedal AirTurn

4-Pedal AirTurn

BT-105 Specifications

  • Hardware/Software Features
  • Bluetooth Specifications
  • Operating Manual
  • Compatible Pedals
  • On/Off/Reset Switch
  • Status indicator for communications and charging
  • 2 - 3.5 mm (1/8") audio stereo jacks*
  • Internal 430mAh lithium polymer battery
  • 1 meter USB charging cable
  • Multiple profiles for different uses
  • *Each jack may have a stereo-mono splitter inserted to make 4 ports. Application software must support the additional ports to function.

fcc logo-99CE Logo-99Bluetooth Logo-01MacLogo-99designed for windows-99

  • Fully qualified Bluetooth 2.1/2.0/1.2/1.1 module
  • Bluetooth v2.1+EDR support
  • Low power modes (26uA deep sleep, <3mA connected in sniff mode, 30mA TX)
  • Certifications: FCC, CE
  • Environmentally-friendly, RoHS compliant.

Approximate Range

  • After One Wall 60 feet
  • After Two Walls 55 feet
  • After Three Walls 36 feet

Operates with Bluetooth equipped PC’s MACs, iPad and most Bluetooth computers that support Bluetooth keyboards.
One Year Warranty- Made in the U.S.A.

Click here for a PDF version of the BT-105 operating manual.BT-105 Operating Manual PDF

Manual BT-105 Español

BT-105 Manuel en français

Check out our list of Compatible Foot Switches and Pedals below - these are the models that we've tried ourselves, so it's not a comprehensive list covering every keyboard pedal/footswitch out there (not yet, anyways). We'll update the list as we hear from our customers and get opportunities to test other models.

The BT-105 requires a stereo connection to the Foot Switch/Pedal. A wide variety of BT-105 connector cables and adapters are available in the Accessories section of our web store. You can also make your own switch cable for the BT-105 - click here for instructions.

Manufacturer Model Pedal Type Notes
AirTurn ATFS-1 Momentary Switch Designed to be the most compact, lightweight, silent foot switch available
Boss FS-5 General Switch Has polarity switch
Boss FS-6 General Dual Switch Has polarity and latching switch
Live Wire Solutions LWS 250 Keyboard Damper works with PS-10 setting
Roland DP-2 Keyboard Damper
VFP 1/10 Keyboard Damper For Casio, Korg, Ansonia, Fatar keyboards