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Keep Your Hands On Your Instrument with The AirTurn DUO

Take Your Playing to a New Level

The AirTurn DUO allows you to wirelessly control digital sheet music, lyrics, effects and backing tracks on your tablet, mac, pc or smartphone without using your hands. Keep your hands on your instrument and take your practice and performance playing to a new level.

With no messy cables, this wireless, two pedal controller works with over 100+ iOS and Android apps to seamlessly connect to your smart device so you no longer have to touch the screen while playing your instrument.

With over 100 hours of continuous use, the AirTurn DUO’s rechargeable battery will never let you down on stage or off. The compact, non-slip, and easy to use design will bring you comfort and control while still giving you that tactile feel beneath your foot. The AirTurn DUO is sleek and drop-dead silent with no clicks, squeaks, or distractions and can easily be stored into any gig bag or backpack for easy transportation to every performance. Using the same material as bullet-proof glass, this pedal is nearly indestructible and built to last for every style of music.

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Customer Reviews

I have been an AirTurn customer for more than four years. Not only do they have products that are vital to my career...- Frank Hilknit

I arrived at the first gig and paired it with my device about an hour before the start of our first set...- Marlon Longid

Amazing! I love it, it hooked right up to my iPad Pro. It feels very solid, nothing rattles, it is also silent. I used it in a piano performance...- Scott Stevens


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Do You Use Your Tablet for More than Music?

  • Change slides during your presentation
  • Scroll the page of the recipe with food on your hands
  • Multiple education applications available in and out of the classroom
  • Assisted technology