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DIGIT 106 Hero

Turn a Page.  Play a Track.  Snap a picture.

The DIGIT BT-106 is a multifunction handheld remote with two jacks which support up to four external momentary switches. Control hundreds of compatible apps on your Bluetooth-equipped MAC, PC, iPad, or Android device.  The DIGIT BT-106 can advance pages or slides, scroll lyrics, play media, teleprompt, initiate effects, shoot photos, read books  and music.  Add the DIGIT BT-106 to any of our pedals for more functionality.

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Add the DIGIT BT-106 to any of our pedals for more control.


 DUO  StompKit  QUAD  StompKit XL TAP
 tn Duo box pic  tn Stompkit579-outlined-hero  tn QUAD612-outlined-hero  tn StompkitXL606-outlined-hero

tn TAP BT-106-hero

The DUO is AirTurn’s most popular controller featuring the BT-106 Bluetooth transceiver that may be disconnected and used as a hand-held multi-function wireless controller. Silent tactile foot switch is built to last. Rechargeable battery for 100 hours of continuous use. The StompKit is the Ideal solution for standing musicians who are wanting a bigger target to hit.  Boss FS-5U foot switches can be locked together or separated for optimal placement. Comes with removeable BT-106 transceiver. The QUAD lets you do more with four. Turn pages and navigate songs in a set list, toggle audio and control volume, or map the pedals to a DAW program and customize your own wireless controls hands free. Supplied with the removeable BT-106 transceiver. The StompKit XL is an elegant way to turn Boss FS-6 foot switches into wireless controllers. Combines the feel of the StompKit with the expanding functions of the QUAD. Connect two sets or slide them apart for optimum placement. Removable BT-106 transceiver included. Drummers know that turning pages is a drag. But now, turning pages is a TAP. The AirTurn TAP lets you turn pages, toggle backing tracks, trigger metronomes, and so much more with just the tap of a finger or a drumstick. The hands-free, feet-free way to keep the beat going.