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I have to take a moment to tell you of my experience with the Airturn BT-105. This is an awesome product. I use the pedal with Planning Center Music Stand in all of our worship services. Continuity between songs is very important in maintaining an atmosphere of worship and this is one of the most important tools in my bag. Not having to take my hands off the keys to turn pages helps maintain that continuity. Recently, I had a hardware failure with my BT-105. I had purchased the unit in February 2012 so I called Airturn immediately. I cannot tell you how impressed I was from the quality of service I received from Hugh Sung. We performed the basic troubleshooting and determined that the unit would need to be sent back. Hugh shipped me a replacement unit out THE SAME DAY even before I could place my pedal in the mail. My replacement was here within a few days and I didn't have to play one single service without it. I recommend this unit and this company without reservation for anyone who has a need for what it offers. I don't know how I played without it. Thanks AirTurn.

I just played 5 concerts in 10 days using my AirTurn. I loved it! I was afraid I would have difficulties getting used to it, but it quickly became very natural. And I can't say enough nice things about the customer service--Hugh's expertise, the communication, the shipping--every aspect is fantastic.

James Nancy, Cellist

I was so excited to have come across a great product like the AirTurn BT-105 along with the slick and highly efficient ATFS-1 pedals for wireless page turns. By now I have scanned all my music onto my new iPad2. forScore app, a small mic stand and criskenna's X-Clip complete my compact outfit. The learning curve of using this system was quick, and I can't think of playing concerts and special events without it. Going back to paper sheet music, stands and stand lights is not an option (except within my symphony orchestra.... at least not YET!) Thank you AirTurn for inventing this priceless product.

Shimon Walt, Cellist
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Love this product works so well on my iPad! Thank you.

- Paul B.

As a career singer/songwriter about to turn 69 november 11th, I've watch my memory deteriorate over the past bunch of years to the point where both learning and remembering the songs I write has become a big issue. I down from writing 50-60 songs a year to maybe 20-30, and I just can't seem to remember not only the new ones but also lots of old ones. Sooooo...I got tired of the number of pages growing in my lyric books and decided to take the advice of a pal of mine and look into getting an iPad with an AirTurn blue tooth device that enables me to turn the pages of my lyrics with my foot. What an amazing new life I have now!!! No more worries about forgetting my lyrics. I have about 400 songs in my iPad and my really kool AirTurn BT-105 device that has turned what was a fear of forgetting into security of knowing as long as my foot works, my memory is beneath my foot :-) Thanks AirTurn for making my life much more memorable.

At the end of the day, I need a device I can depend on. I highly recommend the AirTurn to any gigging musicians out there who is using the iPad. Not for just the durability, but also the fact that you can use your internal keyboard with the pedal connected. To me, that was a huge win in my book.

- Becca Wong, Ballet from the Piano

Best customer service I've ever experienced. They answered my panicked telephone call well after service hours and fixed my issue. Not only that...but they gave me their cell number and said to call any or night...and they were serious. A++.

- Mark D.

BT-105 was a life saver. Been telling everyone about it as they wonder how I can control our multimedia presentation and play keyboards at the same time! I will sing your praises indeed!


Jeff Alan Ross, keyboardist for English rocker Peter Asher

Danielle Belen and Lauren Chipman performing Martinu's Madrigals at The Colburn School with their AirTurn and GigEasy!

My name is Tim Hockenberry and I just got off tour with the Mickey Hart Band. We did a short 3 week run out to Colorado and Minnesota and I used your Airturn every night and I have to tell you that your gadget is THE BEST invention since the creation of certain unmentionable female body parts!!!! I can't imagine how I would have done this gig without it! It NEVER let me down......In this band there are thousands of lyrics as most of the words come from Robert Hunter who wrote almost everything for the Grateful lets just say that he is anything but short-winded. I could never have learned the lyrics in time. Thanks to my ipad and my Airturn, I appeared as though I had committed the whole songbook to memory. THANK YOU!!!!!

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