What's the #1 problem with digital sheet music? Learn what it is, and how a tablet and an app provide fantastic solutions.

Saturday, 03 May 2014 00:00

JamKazam Live Audio Sessions

JamKazam enables musicians from different locations to meet up online and play together in real time. The number of musicians that can participate in a jam session is only limited by the amount of Internet bandwidth available.

Leila Viss is a Denver-based piano teacher who uses iPads extensively in her studio. Her new book, "The iPad Piano Studio", is a great guide for piano teachers looking to unlock the potential of the iPad as a powerful teaching and studio organization tool.

Read the following article as blogger Leila Viss sings the praises of AirTurn's universal tablet holder, the Manos Mount. Its versatility is evidenced by its ability to securely hold almost any tablet device in any angle and/or position for any situation, as was the case for Leila. The Manos Mount thus greatly enhances the ways in which one can utilize an iPad or any other tablet device.

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