Kyle Hollingsworth from
String Cheese Incident & His New MANOS Mount & goSTAND

Kyle Hollingsworth is an American rock keyboard player best known for playing in The String Cheese Incident. Kyle sings and plays electric piano, Hammond organ, clavinet, synthesizer and accordion. He also has his own project called the Kyle Hollingsworth Band.

AirTurn’s PED and goSTAND – The Gear Gods Review

By Alex Nasla


Today we are checking out the PED and goSTAND from AirTurn. The PED is a double pedal wireless controller that you can use to control your MAC, PC, iPAD, or Android tablets. Control what? you might be asking - just about anything! THings like music reading, tele-prompting, guitar tabs, lyrics crolling, etc. With the PED you can essentially always keep your attention on your music and keep your hands where they are needed most, your guitar or piano (or violin or noseflute or hurdy-gurdy, you get the idea). Read the full review HERE!


What's the #1 problem with digital sheet music? Learn what it is, and how a tablet and an app provide fantastic solutions.

Saturday, 03 May 2014 00:00

JamKazam Live Audio Sessions

JamKazam enables musicians from different locations to meet up online and play together in real time. The number of musicians that can participate in a jam session is only limited by the amount of Internet bandwidth available.

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