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AirTurn Logo transparent-200AirTurn makes it easy for technology users to play, present and perform. 


From the music to industry of all types, wireless controls are playinging a ubiquitous role when interacting with computers and portable technology of all kinds. While the music space is AirTurn's prime focus, solutions are customized for all industries from assisted technology to medical and industrial. 

Our logo represents the letters "A" and "T" in the form of two folding pages. The green color represents environmental awareness. The blue color represents the energy of technology.
AirTurn, Inc. established in 2008, is based in Nederland, Colorado. Most products are built in the US with quality components a priority. 
AirTurn, Inc.
PO Box 3359
Nederland, CO 80466
Phone: 888-247-1223 International 720-381-1706
Fax: 720-863-0988 Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


The AirTurn Team

Lester Karplus, Director

Lester Karplus

For over 40 years, Lester has been developing products that help people make their lives better and then creates companies around those products.  


AirTurn was developed in part with his own frustration with turning pages of sheet music and the need to be able to keep his hands on his clarinet/keyboard.




Karna Knapp, Director of Customer Relations

Karna KnappKarna Knapp has spent most of her career as an administrator for non-profits. She brings her skills in administration to direct AirTurn’s customer service. She has been wearing many hats in getting products to customers and resolving customer issues since AirTurn began in 2008.  Karna is a modern/jazz/ballet dancer and continues to take classes and perform. She also plays electric bass with the Nokuthula marimba band, using her iPad and AirTurn to manage her charts and lyrics.

Matt Davis, Logistics

Matt DavisMatt Davis manages AirTurn's product movement from manufacturer to customer. He brings with him many years of experience in percussion education, and his added MBA training from the College of Business and Economics at the University of Southern Mississippi helps ensure a seamless product flow throughout the supply chain. Matt believes that AirTurn provides a key innovative technology to the revolutionary movement of digital sheet music. "This product will change the face of music education and performance among most genres and demographics worldwide."